Why Is Cloud Backup Better Than Traditional In-House Local Backup?

Cloud backup is getting immensely popular these days in place of traditional in-house local backup. Your business data is surely one of the most significant concerns in your business hence you would definitely want to ensure a complete fool-proof safeguard for it. But the conventional in-house backup provisions are error-prone & lead to frequent failures in case of any sort of attacks or disasters. Moreover, there is the high risk of software/hardware incompatibilities. Then, there is the con of time-consuming recovery & restoration with traditional in-house backups.

But if you opt for cloud data backup in addition to traditional in-house local backup, you can be assured of complete data safety from any sort of virus attack or disasters which are threatening for the in-house backup provisions. In case of cloud facility, you will have comparatively lesser servers and lesser manual functions which in turn save you highly from hardware dependency.  It’s good to inform that the cloud data backup system is significantly lower in const than the traditional in-house solutions. The cloud system will take you around 0 to 2.99 USD/month or 299 USD a year while the in-house solution will cost 2,000 -10,000 USD or more.

A great advantage of cloud data backup is lesser data recovery time in comparison to traditional solutions. The traditional backup provisions generally take long weeks to recover data while the same work can be performed by cloud backup within few hours maximum. It’s to stress here that the premier cloud data backup companies would even support your data with high end encryption system to ensure secure cloud services, free from any unwanted intrusion or hacking. For More Details Visit http://virtualdrivestorage.blogspot.com/2013/08/all-about-virtual-drive-synchronization.html